How to Select the Best Child Phone Monitoring Software


Nowadays, there is increased use of cell phone because they are readily accessible. Most parents are buying cell phones to their children, but while this has benefits, it should be done cautiously since it would be the beginning of some problems. As we all know, with a smartphone, people can access a lot of information some of which can be dangerous for children. Further, as a concerned parent you would like to know the kind of people that you child interacts with, and thus, it is important to monitor your child’s usage of the phone. Nowadays, you can access various software technologies for monitoring your child’s usage of a cell phone, but you should find the right one which is reliable. Here are tips for choosing the best smartphone monitoring application. Do check out Shadow SPY as an option.

Free trial – The best smartphone monitoring application should have a free trial version so that you familiarize with it and you know how it can help you to monitor your child’s phone usage. The free trial period should be substantial so that you have enough time to know how it operates and in most cases, the trial period is three days. Get the free trial version and use it for the allowed duration and if you are impressed, you can take the step to convert to the paid version which has more features. Make sure to check this company as an option.

It should not be detected – The main reason for monitoring your child phone is to know about the things that he does not tell you, and it is more like a spy mission than the ordinary monitoring. Therefore, your child should not notice that he is being monitored and the process should be carried out with utmost stealth. It should not display any icons or any forms of notifications that might raise suspicion.

Timely reports – You do not have to wait for a long time to get the reports of logs from the monitored phone. It should take a few seconds to get the report about various logs, and that helps you to keep track of every occurrence. It is particularly important if you need to take action and therefore, you can act fast before it is late. The monitoring software should be accurate such that reports any information even if it is deleted on the monitored phone.

Customer service and money back guarantee – Suppose you get the monitoring software, and after using it for a short while you are not satisfied, you should request for a refund for the remaining duration. Further, the manufacturer of the software should have an excellent and reliable customer service that you can contact in case of any issues. Learn more about what qualifies as a smartphone here: